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Natural Heritage

Cabreiroá SpringMonterrei is one of those areas  in which water and wine are not incompatible but complementary. This wealth is, to a certain extent, possible thanks to the different river courses flowing through it.

There is a big variety of mineral water in Galicia due to the existing ground diversity. The great wealth in  mineral water springs in the region of Monterrei and Verín has led to important spas. Three of them, Sousas, Fontenova and Cabreiroá have a commercial use.

During the heyday of the spas – middle XIX century and beginning of XX century- the most traditional Galician spas became big social meeting points which brought together the social elite. After the war, and once it became fashionable to sunbathe, most of them got out of market. Nowadays due to a rhythm of life full of stress that obliges us to stop and recover physical and mental balance, spas are experiencing a renaissance. They have also a new attraction: they are perfectly compatible with wine tourim.

Active tourism in touch with nature

The way the Monterrei region is placed, located in a valley and crossed by the river Támega, allows visitors to enjoy very beautiful landscapes where the greatest treasure is the flora and fauna. In this incomparable environment, open air activities turn into the perfect inducement for nature lovers.

A pleasant rest on the river beaches or releasing adrenalin going down the rapids, are just a couple of proposals which have water as the main player. As for the family there are trekking routes or horse riding which go as far the Portuguse border. For brave adventurers there is  also paragliding from Monte Maior or climbing on Serra de Larouco available.