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Cultural Heritage

Carnival is a celebration where rites and customs are mixed: wearing masks, eating pork (every kind of product related to it like meat, cured sausages and other), throwing flour, burning the “Entroidos” (carnival figures), the “Meco”, changing your character a couple of days, changing sexual roles, and so on… Searching for a balance, between the excess and the imbalance that the respect for Lenten penitence supposes.

The most popular mask in Monterrei is the “Cigarron” in the Verin valley. It has a wooden mask which is painted so that there are big eyebrows, red cheeks, large moustache, simulated beard and a wide cynical smile showing the teeth.

The legend describes him as a tax collector or as a beater for the Counts of Monterrei lords of Verin valley and a good part of Orense province under the ancient regime. His real origin is still enigmatic and impenetrable for all those researchers who want to discover his past. Every day is a surprise in Verin carnival, its just different, each one  has its own meaning. But the best characteristic of the Verin carnival is the banter, in which neighbours and visitors  alike  come together from far and wide to take part in.

Parade Verín´s Carnival