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Ruta do Viño Monterrei > Monterrei Wine Route

Monterrei Wine Route

A different landscape may be dscovered walking along  the Monterrei wine route. A path full of wine colour, rich in history, gastronomy and above all full of their population′s kindness.

Monterrei wine route is in a region full of farming and cultural richness.  The Wine industry has a very important role in local agriculture. The wine route tries to promote wine, wine tourism, the hotel industry, restaurants or specialized shops and the whole region of Monterrei completely.

Although the route does not cover a large area, there are a lot of places to be visited and remembered. Nature is spectacular, but also transmits the effort of those who try to obtain the best from  the land. First the valley and then the mountain gives shape to a unique landscape with lots of contrasts and blends.

Charming villages

Another attraction are its villages, spread all over the valley, as a perfect example of Galician traditional architecture where we can still find constructions made of wood and stone. With their churches, narrow streets, hundreds of steps.... But the most important wealth is the kindness of its people, who face up to a harsh land and look after visitors kindly.

Everyone who visits Monterrei will feel they are  in a different land, with walled enclosures, centenary paths, pilgrim routes, popular architecture, endless woodlands, wild nature and of course, wine, good wine.

Panoramic Vineyards